About Us:

Sapio Advisors is dedicated to students in grades kindergarten through college.  We believe that all students can learn and excel in every academic area.  Our tutors are experienced, trained, and flexible with their schedules and location.  We offer a wide selection of tutors that fit your academic needs and your schedule. One-on-one tutoring is an excellent way to achieve success in the classroom and develop lifelong learning and study skills. 

You can view a bio of each tutor online in order to choose the tutor that best suits you.  We are always available to help you with the selection.  You are not committed to any one tutor and may change at any time.  



The word “sapio” is a Latin word that means; to be wise, to be discerning or to have good taste.  Also, the English word for scholar is derived from sapio.  At Sapio Advisors, we are committed to turning students into scholars and making them lifelong learners by becoming wise and discerning through academic excellence. 

Mission Statement:

At Sapio Advisors, our mission is to provide convenient and quality tutoring to kindergarten through college age students so they might succeed in all their academic endeavors.  We strive to instill confidence and a love for learning in all our clients.




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